Coesam Scandinavia is manufacturer and distributor of organic certified AP-4 Rosehip Powder, a high-quality rosehip powder based on a selected variety of the dog rose Rosa canina grown in organic plantations in the sunny and beautiful south of Chile. Product quality, traceability and good manufacturing procedures with a dedicated team behind is what we offer to our partners and customers. Our focus is organic niche products as supplements and OTC products for health stores, pharmacies and for distributors in the organic sector. Coesam AP-4 Rosehip Powder is our core product and is on the market in more than ten European countries. Coesam Scandinavia is a member of Bio aus Dänemark.

AP-4 is the name of a special variety of the dog rose Rosa canina, that was selected for cultivation in own plantations. Cultivation of AP-4 rosehips in the south of Chile under optimal climate conditions allows the production of a highly standardized and high quality rosehip powder. Our clients and partners are those looking for quality in their product selection and transparency in the process from the manufacture of raw materials to the final products. The two founders of Coesam Scandinavia both hold a PhD in molecular biology and know to emphasize the importance of quality control starting from the raw materials and the processing steps until the finished products reaches the shelves in European health shops. Flyer about the products