What is maqui?

Maqui is the Mapuche indigenous name for the deeply purpled berry from a small 3-4 meter-high evergreen Chilean bush, Aristotelia chilensis. Maqui is endemic to Chile from the south part to the very south of Chile, known as the Patagonian region. The local Mapuche people has for centuries known about the outstanding properties of the maqui berry and use it to give them power and energy.

The 3-4 mm sized maqui berry contains more polyphenols, in particular the flavonoid subgroup called anthocyanins, than any other known berry. Anthocyanins are responsible for the very dark purple color of the maqui berries, also known from the dark colour of red wines and wild blueberries.

The ripened maqui berries used for Coesam Maqui products are collected in organic certified areas from December to March by local Mapuche people. The harvesting process is 100% manually, and involves collecting the side branches of trees, shaking them to separate the berries, and separating berries from leaves. Collected berries are deep frozen the same day and stored frozen until further processing.

Maqui Powder is made by freeze-drying of the frozen whole berries that subsequently are milled to a 100% pure fruit powder in raw food quality. The freeze-drying process ensures that the powder retains the natural health properties of the maqui berry.

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