Coesam Rosehip FiberPlus – certified organic

Coesam Organic Rosehip FiberPlus contains the best from the fruit shells and the seeds from the dog rose Rosa canina AP-4. It is a natural source of antioxidants, beta-carotenes as well as galactolipids.

The combination of rosehip powder and rosehip seeds make this product low in starch and sugar but high in fiber content and has an optimal relation of calcium and phosphor (3,8:1).

The high fiber content contributes to a low energy release. This product is without cereals.


Food Supplement

Appearance: Pellets (3 mm thick)

Recommended daily dose for horses: 25 g per. 100 kg body weight

Recommended daily dose for pets: 2-3 g pr. 10 kg body weight

Packaging sizes: Buckets with 1,500 kg and 4,5 kg

Storage: Dry place

Shelf life: 2 years


Nutrition facts pr. daily dose

Dry material 93,20 %
Raw protein 7,31 %
Raw fat 6,07 %
Raw fibre 47,30 %
NFE* (carbohydrate) 29,30 %
Raw ash 3,24 %
Calcium 0,47 %
Phosphor 0,18 %
Potassium 0,40 %
Magnesium 0,12 %

*Nitrogen-free extract (NFE)