Coesam AP-4 rosehip plantation

The Coesam rosehip AP-4 plantation Santa Magdalena is located in the beautiful south of Chile. The whole plantation is based on seedlings of a selected variety AP-4 of the dog rose Rosa canina. The selection of the Rosa canina AP-4 variety was a result of a research project where rosehip plants from the mountain area in the South of Chile were analysed for yield, taste and content of active ingredients.

The brand name Coesam (Comercializadora y Envasadora Santa Magdalena) has its origin in the farm Santa Magdalena from where the first export of rosehips started back in 1974.

A unique climate

The climate in the beautiful southern is optimal for rosehip cultivation. The Andes Mountains and the cold Humboldt Current along the Chilean coast create a microclimate with sunny days and cool nights in the summer period up to the harvesting season. The benefit of the low temperature at night is an optimal preservation of the active ingredients of the rosehip fruits (also known from the Chilean wines). The AP-4 rosehip from Coesam plantations is full of taste. The organic cultivation, the unique climate conditions and the selection of the AP-4 cultivar make the difference.