AP-4 Rosehip powder

Coesam Scandinavia has specialized in developing high quality natural products made from AP-4 rosehips from organic plantations in Chile. Rosehip AP-4 powder is a food supplement made from the dog rose Rosa canina, variety AP-4. Rosehip AP-4 powder is a 100% natural product without additives. AP-4 is the quality mark for a standardized high quality rosehip powder made from AP-4 rosehips cultivated in own plantations.

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AP-4 Rosehip capsules - vegan

Coesam Rosehip AP-4 capsules contain 100% rosehip powder from the dog rose Rosa canina, cultivar AP-4. Coesam Rosehip AP-4 powder in capsules is a 100% vegan product. We do not use gelatine capsules but only vegetarian capsules (Vcaps).

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AP-4 Rosehip powder with Sea buckthorn

Made of AP-4 Rosehip Powder mixed with a powder made from unsweetened Sea buckthorn berries.

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AP-4 Rosehip shells

Coesam Rosehip fruit shells are manufactured from the dried fruit shells of the dog rose Rosa canina, cultivar AP-4. The shells are cut into 0,2-2 mm in size.

Typical uses are tea, toddies, soups, or as topping on a cabbage salad.

Maqui powder

Maqui (Aristotelia chilensis) is the name of a small Chilean berry that contains an extraordinary high level of the health promoting anthocyanins, – not beaten by any other fruit or berry.

Coesam Maqui Powder is made by freeze-drying of the frozen whole maqui berries that subsequently are milled to a 100% pure fruit powder in raw food quality. The freeze-drying process ensures that the powder retains the natural health properties of the maqui berry. Maqui product sheet

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