Collaboration with Mapuches

On a kick-off ceremony in June 2012 the first 40 families received their contract for one-hectare rosehip plantation. Participating families are using their own land or were given one Ha of land for rosehip AP-4 cultivation. More than 80 Ha are until now being cultivated by Mapuche families. The project continues with new families joining new plantation projects.

The first experiences running the projects have resulted in improvements such as improving plant survival (reduction of re-plantings) during the first critical year and improvement of the irrigation system.

Coesam is responsible for the replanting process and for consulting the families regarding irrigation, pruning and harvesting. Coesam is contractual the purchaser of the harvested fruits.

Two projects granted

Two projects in two areas in the South of Chile were granted:

“Productive Alliances with Indigenous Inhabitants (Mapuches) for the cultivation of Rosa canina BIO AP-4, The Araucanía Region”, funded by the “Programa Orígenes”, the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), and the National Corporation for Indigenous Development (Conadi).

“Implementation of a Business Model for the Production, Management and Marketing of Organic Rosa canina AP-4 and derivatives from Los Ríos Region in the South of Chile”, funded by the Fundación para la Innovación Agraria (FIA), an agency of the Ministry of Agriculture in Chile promoting innovation.

Coesam Scandinavia is as partner in the projects involved in the scientific support and in sales and marketing in Europe.