Organic Rosehip FiberPlus for pets and horses

In 2012 we developed a 100% rosehip based fiber product for horses and pets. The developed product is a high fiber product in pellets with the combined effect for joint health of rosehip powder.
Rosehip FiberPlus pellets is an organic certified product that contains the best from the seeds and fruit shells of the dog rose Rosa canina AP-4.
Feeding tests have shown that horses like the product very much – as contrary to rosehip powder that often has to be mixed with other feed.


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Organic Rosehip Immunopellets for pets and horses

Coesam Immunopellets are made from sea buckthorn fruit and Jerusalem artichoke. The pellets consist of dried sea buckthorn seeds, whole sea buckthorn fruit plus fermented Jerusalem artichoke as powder and Jerusalem artichoke herb material.

These ingredients support the immune system at different levels:

  • The arginine-rich sea buckthorn seeds help in the production of antibodies
  • The inulin-rich Jerusalem artichoke support a healthy immune system of the gut
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Organic Rosehip powder for pets and horses

Coesam Organic Rosehip powder contains the best of the fruit shells and seeds of the rosehip variety Rosa canina AP-4.

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